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Best of British

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Breeding Ideas

Breeding Ideas£15.50   £9.99

See and hear invaluable tips on breeding from the cream of British Fanciers.

Pigeon Lofts 1

Pigeon Lofts 1£15.50   £9.99

Respected British Fanciers on how to build a well constructed loft.

Pigeon Lofts 2

Pigeon Lofts 2£15.50   £9.99

Ten top British fanciers share their views on how a loft should be constructed.

The Best of British: Part 1 with Geoff Kirkland

The Best of British: Part 1 with Geoff Kirkland£15.50   £9.99

A visit to Coalport, Telford and the lofts of the immortal Geoff Kirkland.

The Best of British: Part 2 with Frank Tasker

The Best of British: Part 2 with Frank Tasker£15.50   £9.99

Frank Tasker: His methods, systems and feeding schedule, in detail for you to follow.

The Inside Story (Autopsy)

The Inside Story (Autopsy)£15.50   £9.99

The pigeon vet David G. Parsons, a leader in his field performs an autopsy (dissection)

Tips For Novices

Tips For Novices£15.50   £9.99

A video of particular interest to those just starting in the pigeon sport.

Tips On Racing

Tips On Racing£15.50   £9.99

 A film devoted to the most important subject of all - WINNING!

Widowhood Ways

Widowhood Ways£15.50   £9.99

A 'Tricks of the Trade' DVD. Advice from 10 fanciers on Widowhood

Page 1 of 1:    9 Items
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