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Widower and Racing Hen Cabinet

Widower and Racing Hen Cabinet



Special order, see product details for expected delivery times  

Special order, see product details for expected delivery times


Item Code:  SL0000033

Widower and Racing Hen Cabinet (doors optional extra)

The outstanding racing performance of "racing hens" is being increasingly talked about. With a special motivation system, these females have not only been able to compete against the racing widowers, but even to dominate them. The prerequisite for this is that the females have ideal accommodation, and that "mating" can be made difficult or even impossible. The racing hen perching shelves designed by us, which are modelled on the design of famous Belgian breeders, make a significant contribution to the success of your racing hens

The females sit on gratings above a droppings tray, with eye contact with their perching neighbours being prevented by means of screens, the lattice doors lock in the females outside of training times. (Lattice doors are optional extra) Cabinet supplied with back wall.

      Size                                             Birds          Design                                             Stock Code

    54cm x 187cm x 42cm 8 for 1 door (not included) SL0000033    
    106cm x 187cm x 42cm 16 for 2 doors (not included) SL0000034    
    158cm x 187cm x 42cm 24 for 2 doors (not included) SL0000035  

    This product is manufactured for Boddy and Ridewood on the continent. 
    Part of a range of loft equipment considered some of the best in the world and superbly constructed using quality materials.
    Contact us for delivery dates and prices. Delivery during busy periods can take up to 12 weeks.
    Normally supplied flat-packed direct from the German factory. 

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