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Pigeon-Vitality Tricoli Stop 100 capsules

Pigeon-Vitality Tricoli Stop 100 capsules


No stock, please telephone for earliest delivery  

No stock, please telephone for earliest delivery

Item Code:  PV012
Brand:  Pigeon Vitality

Pigeon Vitality products will be stocked by Boddy & Ridewood for 2018. Stock to arrive January 2018.

Tricoli-STOP™ – A major breakthrough and discovery in the pigeon sport for many years!

A capsule developed by nutrition experts, scientifically tested and ready for the Pigeon World!

Effect: Only 1 capsule of Tricoli-STOP™:

  • Suppresses 99.8 % of Trichomonas / Canker within 3 hours!
  • Suppresses the E-Coli in the pigeon within hours!
  • Rapidly improves the condition of the pigeon!
  • Cleans & refreshes the liver of the pigeon!
  • Contains only pure natural organic substances and vitamins!
  • NOT A MEDICINE, so NO resistance or side effects can develop!

Results prove that after extensive tests carried out by the worlds leading scientists at the University of Ghent, Belgium, in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Dept. of Pathology, Bacteriology and Avian Diseases, scientists were amazed to discover that TriColi-STOP™ kills Trichomonas / Canker in pigeons within 3 Hours.

An innovative and remarkable development. A product we have been waiting many years for.

NOW ! we can treat our pigeons against trichomonas / canker the natural way – WITHOUT MEDICINE!


TriColi STOP contains natural organic acids and should not be given to youngsters younger than 3 weeks, neither to breeders with youngsters younger than 3 weeks in the nest.

Some pigeons vomit a few hours after they receive the capsule, but at that time most of the Trichomonas have disappeared.

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