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A Lifetime with Racing Pigeons

A Lifetime with Racing Pigeons£9.99   £7.50

A biography of one of the sports most successful fanciers.

Ad Schaerlaeckens, The Best of - Vol 2

Ad Schaerlaeckens, The Best of - Vol 2£25.00   £19.50

47 Chapters detailing most things every serious pigeon fancier should know….

Essential Modern [Pigeon] Racing Techniques

Essential Modern [Pigeon] Racing Techniques£17.50   £9.99

The issues of sense of orientation and navigation, speed, condition, vitality, nutrition and feed supplements

Janssen Brothers Arendock [Pigeon] Book

Janssen Brothers Arendock [Pigeon] Book£29.95   £15.00

The greatest pigeon family of all time. The Original Masterpiece.

Long-Distance Pigeon Racing Book
Pigeons & Their Economical Health Care

Pigeons & Their Economical Health Care£22.50

A complete health management manual for fanciers with practical tips

Practical Guide to the Sport [of Pigeon Racing]

Practical Guide to the Sport [of Pigeon Racing]£8.99

Comprehensive introduction to the to the sport of pigeon racing.

The Duif Chronicles - Vol 1

The Duif Chronicles - Vol 1£35.00   £14.95

A Massive 516-page Title from the Respected Publisher 'The Duif'.

The Duif Chronicles - Vol 2

The Duif Chronicles - Vol 2£35.00   £14.95

Full Colour with a laminated cover. 448 pages printed on Gloss Art Paper.

The Natural Winning Ways [Book]

The Natural Winning Ways [Book]£3.00

A Selection of Back Editions of the Popular Natural Winning Ways

The Pigeon by Dr. Colin Walker BSc BVSc MACVS

The Pigeon by Dr. Colin Walker BSc BVSc MACVS£49.50

The knowledge available to pigeon fanciers has just jumped forward over a decade and a half.

Vets' Tips for Fanciers

Vets' Tips for Fanciers£29.95

Written by no fewer than 5 of the world's top pigeon vets'!

Page 1 of 1:    12 Items
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