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Vets' Tips for Fanciers

Vets' Tips for Fanciers


In stock at 6am this morning  

In stock at 6am this morning


Item Code:  BK021
Brand:  Miscellaneous

Written by no fewer than 5 of the world's top pigeon vets'!

• Dr Gordon Chalmers, Canada • Dr Wim Peters, South Africa
• Dr Colin Walker, Australia • Dr Pascal Lanneau, Belgium
• Dr Zsolt Talaber, Hungary (editor)

The world isn't like it was ten years ago, and neither will it be the same in five years’ time. All fanciers see and
experience that the conditions facing pigeon breeding are changing at a pace that is hard to follow:
- the nutritional value of feed is declining - drinking water is richer in poisonous materials
- the air is becoming full of poisonous materials - radiation in the air is on the increase
- allergens in the environment are flourishing - antibiotics are being used indiscriminately
- global warming continues - new viruses appear and epidemics are spreading
While in the meantime
- new medicines and new technologies are appearing
- academic knowledge is always broadening
Only those will be successful in pigeon breeding who
- are aware of these changes - prepare for them - adjust to them
The intention of this book is to assist them in this

Chapters on:
Loss of Health, Restoring Health, Maintaining Health and lots of tips!

Hardback; 290 pages; Colour throughout

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