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Pigeon Loft Propane Burner Torch - For Floor

Pigeon Loft Propane Burner Torch - For Floor


In stock at 6am this morning  

In stock at 6am this morning


Item Code:  TS675189

Long Arm Torch for general pest control the way the Belgians do it!
This long arm propane flame-torch is ideal for keeping your loft parasite free.

Large 60mm diameter burner.

If you are equipping for the first time you will require the following parts to operate the blowtorch:

  • Long Arm Propane Torch (Code: TS675189)
  • Gas Regulator Valve for Propane Torch (Code: TS196559)
  • Gas Hose Assembly - Orange Pipe (TS633925)

You will, of course, need to purchase/rent a propane gas bottle from your local camping/gas supplier shop.
Spanners will be required to connect the torch and hose to the gas bottle. 

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