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Travipharma Ronidazole 10% Tricho-Kuur 100g

Travipharma Ronidazole 10% Tricho-Kuur 100g


Special order, expected soon  

Special order, expected soon


Item Code:  TRA030
Brand:  Travipharma

Travipharma will once again be available direct from Boddy & Ridewood. Stock on order and available for ordering now.

This Ronidazole based product is now available in the UK without prescription

(This veterinary medicine is marketed in accordance with the Small Animal Exemption Scheme)

For the treatment of protozoal infections such as:
- Trichomoniasis (Canker)
- Flagellates

5 grams per 2 litre of drinking water.

Use as as curative and preventative.

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