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Vanhee Ogentroost Drops 4000 - 30ml

Vanhee Ogentroost Drops 4000 - 30ml


In stock at 6am this morning  

In stock at 6am this morning


Item Code:  VAN040

Eye and nose drops for pigeons with extr. Euphrasia and extr. Matricaria Chamomilla. 

- natural product for use with eye infections and running nose
- support medication for the eye’s mucous membrane and the nasal membrane
- also to be used during the racing season to ensure clear vision and optimal air passage ways
- is colourless and guarantees ready ingestion by the pigeon

Directions for use: 1 drop in each eye and nostril before  basketing and after the race

Against affections (the “little membrane”, thick heads, teary eyes, pick injuries, coryza, wet and inflammed nostrils, sneezing and head scratching) : 1 drop in the bird’s beak, both eyes and nostrils 3 times per day during 4 days

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