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Vanhee Van-Minivit 8000A - 1000g

Vanhee Van-Minivit 8000A - 1000g


In stock at 6am this morning  

In stock at 6am this morning


Item Code:  VAN012

Vitaminised mineral mixture - Complementary feed for pigeons.

Van-Minvit 8000 A provides the pigeon with its daily need of vitamins, minerals, and calcium (25 %).
  • guarantees a perfect growth and heightens fertility (Vit. A, D and E)
  • stimulates the growth of young pigeons and guarantees a strong bone structure (25 % calcium)
  • heightens resistance
  • prevents the onset of deficiencies
  • activates the metabolism
Directions for use:
Is especially recommended during the breeding season, the racing season, and during moulting.
Make available in a small pot throughout the whole year, 5 g daily per pigeon.

Can also be mixed into the feed. Replenish daily.

With calcium, phosphor, sodium, and crude ash.

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