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Top Flight Pennine Multivitamin 100g

Top Flight Pennine Multivitamin 100g


In stock, IMMEDIATE DESPATCH unless stated otherwise.  

In stock, IMMEDIATE DESPATCH unless stated otherwise.


Item Code:  BAM020
Brand:  Top Flight

This product is the direct replacement for Norvet Pennine Multivitamins - now produced by Top Flight

Pennine Multi-Vit is a water-soluble multi-vitamin blend for everyday use. The high concentration allows for a lower dosage, providing all the vital vitamins, minerals and amino acids specifically created to support the demands of Racing Pigeons. Pennine Multi-Vit is the perfect choice for optimum health at great value, and comes in a resealable packet.

  • Optimum health.
  • Top condition.
  • Improved stamina.
  • Increased performance
  • Higher Concentration, so a lower Dosage!

Additives (per kg):
Iron 8.573 mg, Copper 3,000.276 mg, Zinc 4,203.221 mg, Manganese 3,720.732 mg, Selenium 2.227 mg, Cobalt 0.492 mg, Vitamin A 10.000 MIU, Vitamin D3 2.000 MIU, Vitamin E 10,000.000mg, Vitamin K3 4,500.000 mg, Vitamin B1 2,000.000 mg, Vitamin B2 6,750.000 mg, Vitamin B6 2,500.000mg, Vitamin B12 11,500.000 mcg, Niacinamide 17,000.000 mg, Pantothenic acid 5,500.000 mg, Folic acid 200.000 mg, Biotin 10.000 mg, Vitamin C1 20,000.000 mg.
Analytical Constituents:
Dry Matter 98.965%, Moisture 1.035%, Crude Protein 4.483%, Crude Fat <0.232%, Crude Ash 39.074%, Calcium 0.077%, Phosphorous P 0.000%, Magnesium 0.122%, Sodium 8.747%, Potassium 4.730%, Chloride 7.627%, Sulphur (total) 5.798%, Lysine 1.189%, Methionine 0.991%, Meth.+Cyst. 0.992%, Threonine 0.002%, Tryptophan 0.000%.
Directions For Use:
Add 2.5g (1 scoop, as enclosed) per 4 pints of drinking water daily.


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