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Wound X-Plus Treatment Powder 38g

Wound X-Plus Treatment Powder 38g


No stock, please telephone for earliest delivery  

No stock, please telephone for earliest delivery

Item Code:  L886
Brand:  Boddy & Ridewood

Animal / Bird Wound Treatment Powder

A general purpose Fast Acting wound powder suitable for ALL Animals and birds from Pigeons & Chickens to Cats, Dogs & Horses! 

For treating Cuts & Wounds.

  • Highly effective in preventing Proud Flesh.
  • Anti Septic, Anti Bacterial and Prevents Proud Flesh
  • Prevents bleeding Fast!
  • Animals dislike the taste so usually will not lick or peck!

Suitable for the use with -
All Cuts, Wounds, Proud Flesh, Capillary Bleeding, Open Cuts & Abrasions, Blood Coagulant, Granulated Tissue & more..
Fast acting ingredients...

WOUND X-PLUS is a product formulated as a wound treatment  dressing powder & blood coagulant for use for wounds & abrasions and granulated tissue - proud flesh. Contains a caustic & drying agent to assist slow healing lesions & as a blood stopping powder.

A must for the First Aid Kit!.


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