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Winning Jealousy Systems No 40 DVD

Winning Jealousy Systems No 40 DVD


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In this video we show you all kinds of tricks and systems to enable you to get the maximum effort from YOUR racing team.

The Schlechtriem Brothers
- specialists in racing cocks and hens on widowhood. They start the season on natural and switch mid-season to total widowhood.  See their special jealousy system nestboxes and view their hen motivation system brought in at basketing time. Their total widowhood system is based upon making their birds more eager by way of training, pairing, unique nestboxes and sidelofts (rotation system). All this to make the birds ‘furious for their domain’.

Harrie Brakele - Specialist in motivating pigeons. See his system of two hens paired to the same cock. We show you it all! He creates enormous rivalry between his birds with the total widowhood system. Pairing two hens to one cock, making two cocks fight for one nestbox and opening adjoining doors between two lofts where the pigeons find another pigeon in their old nestbox are just some of the tricks we show you in this video.

Running time: 70 minutes approx

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