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Eyesign: The Ultimate Collection

Eyesign: The Ultimate Collection


In stock at 6am this morning  

In stock at 6am this morning

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Brand:  Boddy & Ridewood Pigeon DVD

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Learn the Secrets of Eyesign with some of the UK's Best Racing Strains. Rob takes the viewer on an informative and entertaining evaluation of some of the top strains. Learn, with Rob's help, how to read the TRUE eyesign of Racing Pigeons

Rob Wolliss, the feature writer for The British Homing World, continues his look at the fascinating subject of Eyesign. In this video, Rob takes you to look at some of the outstanding Racing and Breeding families at the Fountainhead Lofts of Eddie Wright. Eddie's pigeons win at all levels - find out what's so special about these bloodlines.
Fountainhead Lofts has some of the top racing pigeons in the UK. Their families of pigeons produce winners at all distances and are well respected the world over. The pigeons we look at in this video are Busschaert, Janssen, Kellens Mattheeuw and Van Rijn - we show you what makes these strains so special.

Rob Woolliss gives an indepth eyesign evaluation on these special families. First of all, Rob explains the basic 5 circles of eyesign signature to help you understand the mechanics of Eyesign (ing). Then, by using the eyesign of these top pigeons he will explain how to read the true detail in the eyes. Rob describes how certain traits are passed down through the family strain and how they can be read from the eyesign. You will then be able to make use of these skills in reading your own birds eyesign.

Running time: 60 minutes approx


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