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Harkers Harkamitex 140ml

Harkers Harkamitex 140ml


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No stock, please telephone for earliest delivery

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Item Code:  HK003
Brand:  Harkers

Harkamitex contains Cypermethrine which is a safe and modern, highly effective treatment against Red Mite and supercedes the discontinued Harker product Duramitex.

* A single application will rapidly control infestation
* Comparable effectiveness to old Duramitex product
* Active protection for up to 12 weeks
* Safe for use with pigeons in situ without the need for their removal
* May be applied with brush or spray giving more effective coverage in difficult areas
* Will not affect or bleach hard surfaces
* Economical and effective

Each bottle when mixed with water will make 9 litres of ready to use solution for spraying or washing the loft or aviary.

Q: Does Harka-Mitex treat Northern Mite?
A: Yes, Harka-Mitex will treat Northern Mite and stops eggs from hatching.

Q: Can I use Harka-Mitex in my chicken coop?
A: Yes, Harka-Mitex can be used in chicken coups, but all birds must be removed. All eggs laid within a two week period following treatment must not be consumed. The coup must also be allowed to dry fully before putting the birds back in.

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