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Hyperdrug Easibac for Eyes 100ml

Hyperdrug Easibac for Eyes 100ml


In stock at 6am this morning  

In stock at 6am this morning


Item Code:  HYP060
Brand:  Hyperdrug

Antibacterial Lotion for use in & around the eye in pigeons.

Soothes and cleans sore or irritated eyes.

To maintain eye health in pigeons.

Directions: Remove the cap and flood the eye by gently
squeezing or as directed by the Veterinary Surgeon.
Alternatively moisten a small clean swab with the product and gently wipe areas. Repeat if necessary and dry with a clean dry wipe. Discard contents 28 days after first opening. Wash hands before and after use.

For external use in animals only. Keep out of reach of children.

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