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Hyperdrug Easi-Fen Wormer - 100 Tablets

Hyperdrug Easi-Fen Wormer - 100 Tablets


No stock, discontinued  

No stock, discontinued


Item Code:  HYP003
Brand:  Hyperdrug

Hyperdrug Easi-Fen Wormer (Tablets)

Treats ascarids (roundworms), hairworms (capillaria) and tapeworms and kills worm eggs & larvae.

Use one per bird over 8 weeks of age four times a year or more often if worms are present but not during the moult. May be moistened with vegetable oil first before pushing gently as far as possible into gullet.

Treat for canker & coccidiosis before using wormers.

Doesn't cause vomiting.

Veterinary strength treatment each tablet containing 8mg Fenbendazole.

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