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Mains Adaptor for CatWatch & PestController

Mains Adaptor for CatWatch & PestController


Incoming, expected soon  

Incoming, expected soon

Item Code:  CRL004

Adaptor to run CatWatch or FoxWatch from United Kingdom 230/240v mains electric supply.

* Long term economy
* Suitable for both CatWatch and FoxWatch
* Will run up to 2 deterrents*

Using this special adaptor ensures that your deterrent will always operate at peak efficiency.
Long term economy is guaranteed as the annual running cost is less than one battery.
Purpose made for use with the CatWatch and FoxWatch this kit comes complete with a 10 metre (32ft) snap on lead.
Totally safe as no mains electricity runs outdoors.

* If running 2 deterrents you will require 1 or more extra leads and 1 connector kit.
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