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Pigeon-Vitality AdenoS 500ml

Pigeon-Vitality AdenoS 500ml£26.00

A natural blend of organic acids able to suppress E.coli.

Pigeon-Vitality Anti-Fungal 125g

Pigeon-Vitality Anti-Fungal 125g£24.00

Helps lower stress all year round. Promotes fast race recuperation.

Pigeon-Vitality Broncho Plus 100ml

Pigeon-Vitality Broncho Plus 100ml£16.00

To avoid respiratory problems during the race season.

Pigeon-Vitality Clearify Liquid 250ml

Pigeon-Vitality Clearify Liquid 250ml£18.50

Avoid respiratory diseases and mycoplasma!

Pigeon-Vitality Ecolis 100 tablets

Pigeon-Vitality Ecolis 100 tablets£21.00

Can be used for E.coli

Pigeon-Vitality Improver 125g

Pigeon-Vitality Improver 125g£25.00

Promotes increased health and flying performances

Pigeon-Vitality Liver Clean Powder 100g - Out of Date 30/11/2019

Pigeon-Vitality Liver Clean Powder 100g - Out of Date 30/11/2019£21.00   £14.00

The Pigeon Vitality Liver Clean cleanse the liver by a detoxification process in 2-3 days.

Pigeon-Vitality Moulting & Breeding 700g

Pigeon-Vitality Moulting & Breeding 700g£14.00

Moulting and breeding powder!

Pigeon-Vitality Multivitra 500g

Pigeon-Vitality Multivitra 500g£11.00

A concentrated, complete and balanced blend of all needed vitamins, minerals and trace elements for pigeons

Pigeon-Vitality Oxy-B Liquid 500ml

Pigeon-Vitality Oxy-B Liquid 500ml£16.00

The most important vitamins for lifting breeding and racing performance are no doubt the B-vitamins.

Pigeon-Vitality Tricoli Stop 100 capsules

Pigeon-Vitality Tricoli Stop 100 capsules£25.00

Suppresses 99.8 % of Trichomonas / Canker within 3 hours!

Pigeon-Vitality Turbo Flight 500ml

Pigeon-Vitality Turbo Flight 500ml£30.00

Designed to increase the birds speed in a race!

Page 1 of 1:    12 Items
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