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Red Pigeon of Belgium

Philosophy of Red Bird - Red Pigeon productsProduct philosophy Red Pigeon

Natural products concentrated for effectiveness.
Red Pigeon consists of natural products with maximum efficiency. Components they are all top quality and GMP (European quality) certified.

Knowledge of plants.
Red Pigeon was designed in collaboration with a specialized laboratory for 25 years in the field of plants. His expertise and experience have been invaluable in making the range. Developed by real experts , you can use the Red Pigeon plant compounds and essential oils with confidence. The composition of these is not fully detailed to protect their know-how.

Avoid antibiotics.
We all notice that for years, the action of antibiotics is less effective. The massive use of these results in a resistance becoming stronger bacteria and viruses ... It's a vicious circle that it is time to stop .

Enhance immunity and disease resistance in a natural way .
One way to avoid antibiotics is to enhance the natural immunity of birds. Take the example of us humans. Why take antibiotics before even being sick ... That's nonsense ! The basis of immunity is the food. A balanced and varied diet strengthens our resistance. Different plants offer us lots of alternatives very effective and harmless . The old familiar since long the benefits thereof . Strengthening immunity, we fight the problems before they happen, and even if infection appears, it will be much better countered by the body.

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