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Travipharma S.A.S. Nose Drops 10ml

Travipharma S.A.S. Nose Drops 10ml


Special order, expected soon  

Special order, expected soon


Item Code:  TRA005
Brand:  Travipharma

Travipharma will once again be available direct from Boddy & Ridewood. Stock on order and available for ordering now.

Mycoplasmosis problems are a worry for every fancier


'Stuffy Head Problem? - Use Super-Anti-Slijm Nose Drops and this problem will be a thing of the past!

Extreme temperature and weather changes over the last few years have caused 'stuffy head' problems. Droppings and canker research have found nothing, but something is still wrong - feathers by the ears stand up and throats are red and infected. Our research shows that the homing ability and flying performance of the pigeons are hampered by excessive mucus in the nasel cavities, and by poorly functioning tear ducts. These are now thought to be the cause of 'STUFFY HEADS'.

A combination of vegetables oils and minerals which help dissolve slime. It clears the tear ducts, aids better breathing - thus a faster return home.

Characteristics are:

* Feathers by the ears stand up.
* Blue/red colour throat (infection) and too much slime.
* No desire to exercise.

1 or 2 drops per nostril.

Hold head firmly until the eyes begin to water.

You will quickly see results!
If the eyes don't water this can be a sign of blocked tear ducts so repeat the operation.
Always use one day before basketing or every two weeks.

Treats more than 120 birds.

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