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Vanhee Bathsalts (Vanisanbad) 6500A - 1200g

Vanhee Bathsalts (Vanisanbad) 6500A - 1200g


No stock, please telephone for earliest delivery  

No stock, please telephone for earliest delivery

Item Code:  VAN027
Brand:  Vanhee

Will not harm birds.

Bath salts with extra added natural ethereal oils based on Eucalyptus.

Vanisanbad 6500 A :

    * gives a natural healthy gloss to the feathers
    * disinfects the feather coat and helps eliminate vermin
    * promotes moulting of the down and eliminates skin flaking
    * makes musculature more flexible

Directions for use : 1 to 2 tablespoons per 15 litre of bath water, once a week throughout the entire year and twice per week during the moulting period.

Vanisanbad 6500 A (1200 g) - Twice the size of most other bathsalts!

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