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Basket Counter (Manual)

Basket Counter (Manual)£7.99

Manual counter for basketing - avoid errors.

Dustpan & Brush Set

Dustpan & Brush Set£2.99   £1.99

Hard plastic pan with brush that slots into the pan for neat storage.

Handle for Crate, Pannier etc

Handle for Crate, Pannier etc£3.99   £2.99

Quality carrying handle for crates, panniers etc

High Security Disc Padlock & Steel Hasp Kit

High Security Disc Padlock & Steel Hasp Kit£15.65

Stainless steel disc padlock with zinc-plated, corrosion-resistant steel hasp and staple.

Measuring Jug

Measuring Jug£1.95  -  £2.95

Polyethylene jug with metric graduations

Nestbox Mess Shield

Nestbox Mess Shield£1.95

Thick hard-wearing plastic.

Oropharma Form-Oil Plus 500ml£13.90

'10 in 1' Oil mix with Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids.

Padlock & Steel Hasp Kit

Padlock & Steel Hasp Kit£6.99

Cut-resistant hardened steel padlock shackle protects against sawing and cutting attacks.

Pigeon Carry/Auction/Transport Box

Pigeon Carry/Auction/Transport Box£1.25

Manufactured from strong cardboard with strengthened floor.

Pigeon Leg Splints - Packet of 2

Pigeon Leg Splints - Packet of 2£6.99

The device that solves problems of leg fractures in pigeons.

Pigeon Mask - Latex

Pigeon Mask - Latex£14.99

Full Head latex Pigeon mask. Very realistic.

Pigeon Shaped Earrings - Set of 2

Pigeon Shaped Earrings - Set of 2£7.99  -  £8.99

Gold-plated and silver-plated pigeon earrings!

Plastic Loft Louvre

Plastic Loft Louvre£7.95

Well-made plastic loft louvre for ventilation.

Platteeuw Eye Drops - 150 doses

Platteeuw Eye Drops - 150 doses£5.00

Helps keep the eyes clear and Infection free

Platteeuw Yellow Crystals - 150 doses

Platteeuw Yellow Crystals - 150 doses£15.00

Clears the head and nose of any mucus.

Platteeuw Yellow Drops - 300 doses

Platteeuw Yellow Drops - 300 doses£5.00

Apply drops in the nostril 1 drop per pigeon weekly, all year round.

Sexing Indicator Magnet
Solar-Powered Dummy CCTV Camera with LED

Solar-Powered Dummy CCTV Camera with LED£13.50

Realistic deterrent to potential intruders.

Solosan Sanitiser & Disinfectant

Solosan Sanitiser & Disinfectant£8.95  -  £24.95

Kills bacteria, viruses, spores and fungi

Sprayer 500ml

Sprayer 500ml£1.99

Plastic hand sprayer for spray jobs in the loft.

Stainless Steel Bird Spikes - Pack of 10

Stainless Steel Bird Spikes - Pack of 10£29.99

Prevents birds from landing on buildings, fences and anywhere you don't want them to land!

Stick Anywhere Flexx Pigeon Figurine

Stick Anywhere Flexx Pigeon Figurine£3.45

Small pigeon figurine with self adhesive pad

The Elite Racing Pigeon Figurine

The Elite Racing Pigeon Figurine£22.50

Beautiful resin racing pigeon figurine

Widowhood Privacy Cover

Widowhood Privacy Cover£2.25

Plastic widowhood privacy covers incorporating moulded hooks

Page 1 of 1:    24 Items
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