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Embroidered Pigeon Camouflage Cap

Embroidered Pigeon Camouflage Cap£9.95

Embroidered Pigeon Camouflage Cap

Premier ''106'' Nestboxes

Premier "106" Nestboxes£59.95   £39.95

Special small size premier quality widowhood boxes with standing grill.

Harkers Harka-Mectin 'One-Spot'

Harkers Harka-Mectin 'One-Spot'£9.72

For the treatment of worms, lice and mites in racing pigeons.

The Pocket Loft Book

The Pocket Loft Book£2.65

Our original pigeon stud/breeding register book.

Conqueror Fountain 5 Pint

Conqueror Fountain 5 Pint£3.65  -  £8.99

Best Selling 5 Pint Drinker

Plastic Loft Louvre

Plastic Loft Louvre£6.95

Well-made plastic loft louvre for ventilation.

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