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10 Meter Extension Cable for Catwatch/FoxWatch

10 Meter Extension Cable for Catwatch/FoxWatch£6.99

10 meter extension lead for CatWatch/FoxWatch unit

Baited RTU Rat Trap

Baited RTU Rat Trap£3.99

Traditional style pre-baited trap

Budget Mouse Traps - Pack of 3

Budget Mouse Traps - Pack of 3£2.25

Unbeatable value - 3 classic snap traps for a fantastic price

Connector Kit for CatWatch/FoxWatch Unit

Connector Kit for CatWatch/FoxWatch Unit£6.99

Allows you to power two Catwatch or Foxwatch units from one Mains Adaptor.

Dustpan & Brush Set

Dustpan & Brush Set£2.99   £1.99

Hard plastic pan with brush that slots into the pan for neat storage.

Gas Hose Assembly for Propane Torch

Gas Hose Assembly for Propane Torch£10.99  -  £15.60

Gas hose assembly for use with Long Arm Torch and regulator.

Gas Regulator for Propane Torch

Gas Regulator for Propane Torch£11.95

Gas Regulator 0.5 - 4 bar for Propane Torch

Mains Adaptor for STV610/STV600

Mains Adaptor for STV610/STV600£14.95

9v DC adaptor with 5 metre extension cable

Pressure Sprayer 2 Litre

Pressure Sprayer 2 Litre£4.99

Powerful pump action and pressure relief valve.

Prickle Strip Warning Sign

Prickle Strip Warning Sign£0.99

Prickle Strip warning sign

Prickler Strip - Pack of 8

Prickler Strip - Pack of 8£9.95

An array of closely arranged sharp to touch cones formed from weather-proof PVC

Quick Click Mouse Traps

Quick Click Mouse Traps£3.65

One quick click to set and simply squeeze to dispose of catch

Rat & Mouse Killer

Rat & Mouse Killer£7.19  -  £10.67

Highly palatable ready-to-use rodenticide

Self-Set Mouse & Rat Trap

Self-Set Mouse & Rat Trap£1.99  -  £2.75

All metal, easy-to-set even in the dark

Stainless Steel Bird Spikes - Pack of 10

Stainless Steel Bird Spikes - Pack of 10£29.99

Prevents birds from landing on buildings, fences and anywhere you don't want them to land!

The Ultimate Mole Deterrent

The Ultimate Mole Deterrent£32.50   £10.00

When installed emits a sonic frequency that creates a wave every 10 to 15 seconds


Page 1 of 1:    16 Items
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