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'Silent' Metal Whistle

'Silent' Metal Whistle£3.99

Small metal 'silent' whistle

Basket Strap

Basket Strap£1.65  -  £1.95

Basket strap suitable for all wicker pigeon baskets

Corn Scoop 310mm - 12''

Corn Scoop 310mm - 12"£3.49

Corrosion-resistant hand corn scoop with powder-coated steel head and plastic handle.

Deluxe Drinker Warmer - Flat Platform

Deluxe Drinker Warmer - Flat Platform£18.99  -  £27.50

Makes those miserably cold frosty mornings just a little more bearable!

Deluxe Drinker Warmer - Raised Platform

Deluxe Drinker Warmer - Raised Platform£19.99

Special design for silo drinkers

Drinker Heater

Drinker Heater£26.99  -  £34.99

To avoid frozen drinkers up to -30˚c

Drinker Heater Cable - UK Plug

Drinker Heater Cable - UK Plug£14.99

Avoid frozen drinking troughs of pigeons, poultry and other birds by using this drinker heating cable.

Economy Thermometer

Economy Thermometer£2.95   £1.99

Both Fahrenheit and Centigrade markings.

Feed/Water Pot Cover

Feed/Water Pot Cover£1.95

Attach to wall above any feed/water pots to help keep contents clean.

Handle for Crate, Pannier etc

Handle for Crate, Pannier etc£0.74   £3.99

Quality carrying handle for crates, panniers etc

Hessian Cloth

Hessian Cloth£3.35

Ideal for relining wicker baskets

High Security Disc Padlock & Steel Hasp Kit

High Security Disc Padlock & Steel Hasp Kit£14.50

Stainless steel disc padlock with zinc-plated, corrosion-resistant steel hasp and staple.

Illuminated Magnifier

Illuminated Magnifier£4.99

Pocket-sized eyesign / reading aid with built-in light provides illumination wherever needed.

Leg Ring Remover Cutter

Leg Ring Remover Cutter£16.95

Prestige quality emergency Ring cutter

Nestbox Mess Shield

Nestbox Mess Shield£1.60

Thick hard-wearing plastic.

Padlock & Steel Hasp Kit

Padlock & Steel Hasp Kit£6.75

Cut-resistant hardened steel padlock shackle protects against sawing and cutting attacks.

Pigeon Fridge Magnet 2'' Domed

Pigeon Fridge Magnet 2" Domed£2.99

Digitally printed removable fridge magnets with a scratch-proof domed resin coating.

Pigeon Holder for Injury & Giving Medication

Pigeon Holder for Injury & Giving Medication£6.99

New pigeon holder for illness or giving medication.

Pigeon Ring Holder

Pigeon Ring Holder£5.95

New ring holder - keep all your rings together

Plastic Corn Scoop

Plastic Corn Scoop£1.65

Good quality plastic corn scoop

Premier 2'' Turn Catch / Latch - Pack of 10

Premier 2" Turn Catch / Latch - Pack of 10£3.95

New, super strong premier NYLON turn-catch.

Pressure Sprayer 2 Litre

Pressure Sprayer 2 Litre£4.99

Powerful pump action and pressure relief valve.

Prickle Strip Warning Sign

Prickle Strip Warning Sign£0.99

Prickle Strip warning sign

Prickler Strip - Pack of 8

Prickler Strip - Pack of 8£9.95

An array of closely arranged sharp to touch cones formed from weather-proof PVC

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Page 1 of 2:    30 Items
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