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Pigeon Clock Parts

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Benzing Clock Handle

Benzing Clock Handle£15.99   £9.95

Plastic (metal insert) handle for all plastic cased quartz Benzing models.

Benzing Paper Spool Hook

Benzing Paper Spool Hook£1.00

For attaching paper roll to take-up spool

Lead Basket Seals - Pack of 100

Lead Basket Seals - Pack of 100£8.20   £6.00

13mm diameter lead basket seals

Metal Ink Ribbon Post for Benzing

Metal Ink Ribbon Post for Benzing£3.99   £1.99

Ink ribbon posts round or square

STB Ink Ribbon Post

STB Ink Ribbon Post£2.99   £1.99

Ink ribbon posts round and square. Please note you are not ordering the ink ribbon itself.

STB Paper Spool Roll Top

STB Paper Spool Roll Top£3.65   £2.99

For holding the paper roll in place

Toulet Leather Clock Handle

Toulet Leather Clock Handle£3.99   £2.99

Toulet Leather Handle - for comfort and durability


Page 1 of 1:    7 Items
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