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Based at Scarborough, we've been supplying pigeon equipment since 1933

Boddy & Ridewood is the world's largest mail order and online supplier of pigeon equipment, accessories and pigeon supplements. With over 80 years experience in the industry, we despatch tens of thousands of parcels every year to racing, show, and pigeon enthusiasts all over the world.

Welcome to our 100% pigeon website

Our objective is to bring you the best in all things for pigeons, not forgetting  competitive pricing, stock availability, quality and real service.

Those of you who already know - the Internet trading name for Boddy and Ridewood - will be aware that we are a very long-established company with an excellent reputation, keen to provide not only solutions to your requirements but also complete customer satisfaction.

Mail Order runs through our veins. It should, we've been doing it for generations. Our pigeon business is the world's number one mail order supplier of pigeon equipment, exporting to 44 countries with 1,000s of regular UK customers. We are unashamedly the ultimate catalogue and web source for pigeon fanciers'.

So if you are a first time visitor to Boddy & Ridewood – welcome; please shop here with confidence. in our vast product range and service, being assured of the regard in which we hold your custom. If you are a returning customer – welcome again! We trust that all our customers will continue to find shopping with us a pleasurable experience and we look forward to serving you.

Featured Products
Pigeon Stickers - Pack of 50 Assorted Designs

Pigeon Stickers - Pack of 50 Assorted Designs£9.99

Pack of 50 Pigeon Stickers - Great Value!

BelgaVet Pomalai with Garlic 1 Litre

BelgaVet Pomalai with Garlic 1 Litre£13.45

Apple vinegar with added garlic

Comed Curol Health Oil 250ml + FREE 150ml Lisocur

Comed Curol Health Oil 250ml + FREE 150ml Lisocur£18.00

To be used in case of short-term stress due to the learning process and social disturbances

Solar-Powered Dummy CCTV Camera with LED

Solar-Powered Dummy CCTV Camera with LED£22.95

Realistic deterrent to potential intruders.

Premier 2'' Turn Catch / Button - Pack of 10

Premier 2" Turn Catch / Button - Pack of 10£4.95

New, super strong premier NYLON turn-catch.

Rohnfried Avisana 50ml

Rohnfried Avisana 50ml£11.50

Avisana disinfection of the nostrils and eyes, creating a protective layer with probiotic bacteria

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