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Featured Products
Aviform '2020 Power Pack' Offer - 3 Products

Aviform '2020 Power Pack' Offer - 3 Products£110.85   £55.90

Save over £55.90 on normal retail price!

Platteeuw Yellow Crystals - 150 doses

Platteeuw Yellow Crystals - 150 doses£15.00

Clears the head and nose of any mucus.

Aviform Protein Perform

Aviform Protein Perform£20.95  -  £27.95

Vitamins, minerals and amino acids on a base of finest energy-rich cane molasses and honey, with extra iron.

Aviform Eradi-Mite-X

Aviform Eradi-Mite-X£5.95  -  £10.95

EradiMite-X is a natural mineral powder for effective control against Insects and mites found in the loft and on the birds.

Pigeon Holder for Injury & Giving Medication

Pigeon Holder for Injury & Giving Medication£7.99

New pigeon holder for illness or giving medication.

Herbots Zell Oxygen 250ml

Herbots Zell Oxygen 250ml£17.75

Especially for pigeons, living yeast cells, fruit extract and coenzyme Q10.

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