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Featured Products
Travipharma Eye Conditioner Drops 30ml
Aviform Ultimate 11-in-1 - BUY 1 GET 1 FREE

Aviform Ultimate 11-in-1 - BUY 1 GET 1 FREE£22.95  -  £43.95

No other single pigeon product offers so many benefits.

Herbots Bio Duif ''Black Gold'' 300ml

Herbots Bio Duif "Black Gold" 300ml£21.50

Bio Duif is a balanced combination of herbs and homeopathy.

Pigeon Teddy Bear

Pigeon Teddy Bear£11.99  -  £14.99

Beautiful 'Mumbles' teddy bear complete with jumper and embroidered pigeon on front

Aviform Eradi-Mite

Aviform Eradi-Mite£10.95  -  £29.95

A preventive treatment so your racing pigeons become undesirable to ectoparasites.

HerboVet Omega Oil 500ml

HerboVet Omega Oil 500ml£22.45

HERBO OMEGA OIL PLUS LECITHIN is an exactly balanced mixture of high quality oils and lecithin.

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