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Aviform Prolyte

Aviform Prolyte



In stock, IMMEDIATE DESPATCH unless stated otherwise.  

In stock, IMMEDIATE DESPATCH unless stated otherwise.


Item Code:  AV025
Brand:  Aviform

NEW IMPROVED - Soluble prebiotic and electrolyte formulation for rapid recovery after racing or illness, presented as a solution for rapid absorption.


  • Invaluable aid to recovery, including wet droppings and yb sickness.
  • Helps prevent “bad bug” build up.


  • Rapid return to peak condition after racing, training or illness.
  • Assists during periods of stress (a major cause of reduced performance).
  • Replenishes essential gut flora after antibiotic treatment.


Sodium Chloride
Sodium Bicarbonate
Potassium Chloride
Glucose transporter


Add 2 scoops (5g) per litre of drinking water (2 pints approx) on return from race to replace essential fluid loss.
After illness, medication or stress, use for at least 5 consecutive days.


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