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Bali Bell (Double Barrel) Hawk deterrent

Bali Bell (Double Barrel) Hawk deterrent


In stock, IMMEDIATE DESPATCH unless stated otherwise.  

In stock, IMMEDIATE DESPATCH unless stated otherwise.


Item Code:  L1504
Brand:  Boddy & Ridewood

 Bali Bell (Double Barrel) Hawk deterrentBali Bell (Double Barrel) Hawk deterrent 

Handmade, Bamboo Double Barrel tail whistle for deterring birds of prey - they don't like the whistling sound emitted.

1. Pigeon whistle, also known as pigeon bell or Bali Bell in the United Kingdom, is a folk custom with a history of thousands of years. The pigeon whistle is attached to the tail of the pigeon. When the pigeon is flying in the air, it will emit various high and low sounds at different distances and heights - confuses the BOP so much he doesn't understand what the noise is and in many cases doesn't attack.

2. The method of attaching a pigeon whistle is very simple. The pigeon's tail feathers usually have 12 tail feathers. The six tail feathers in the middle are about one and a half centimeters from the tip of the buttocks. The thread should use high-quality cotton yarn, or bright five-color silk thread. When using silk thread, you must tie more knots to avoid slippage. Insert the mounting handle of the Bali-Bell into the seamed gap from the top of the tail feathers, and the hole at the lower end of the dove whistle mounting handle will be exposed;

Find another piece of wire to pass through the hollow eye from below, bend the wire into a circle, make the two ends of the wire come together, so that the wire loop cannot fall out of the mounting handle. If the position of the hollow eye is not suitable, readjust it until the pigeon whistle Fix it firmly.

The sound size of the Bali-Bell whistle is related to many factors such as the shape and volume of the Bali-Bell whistle, the size of the whistle and the speed of flight. When wearing a whistle, you must pay attention to the whistle must face the direction of the pigeon flying, and let the whistle face the wind. Pay attention to whether the feathers on the tail of the pigeon will block the wind or not. The whistle sounds when the pigeons are flying at 20-30 km/h, and the sound is best at 40-60 km/h.

This pigeon whistle is carefully made of bamboo, light weight, thin tube wall, and loud. Hand-made, the natural color of bamboo, the actual color may be slightly different from the shooting and monitor display.

The illustration shows two Double Barrel Bali-Bells

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