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Clock Book Large Type 17'' x 12''

Clock Book Large Type 17" x 12"£6.50

The 'must have' large format, clock setters, essential clock book.

Clock Books Small Type 8'' x 7''

Clock Books Small Type 8" x 7"£4.75

All clock details are recorded, time set, time checked, etc.

Clock Test Certificates/Stickers

Clock Test Certificates/Stickers£3.75

Choose from card certificates or self-adhesive labels.

Flown Certificate for Pigeons

Flown Certificate for Pigeons£3.50

Certificates confirming flown distances. Use when entering shows or selling.

Large Seasons Race Record Sheets

Large Seasons Race Record Sheets£2.95

For secretaries use, one sheet records all members winnings/results for the season.

Lead Basket Seals - Pack of 100

Lead Basket Seals - Pack of 100£8.20   £6.00

13mm diameter lead basket seals

Leg Ring Covers

Leg Ring Covers£16.99

Clips over pigeon leg ring to hide number from view.

Meetings Cards

Meetings Cards£3.50

Cards to notify members of forthcoming events, meetings etc.

Metal Ink Ribbon Post for Benzing

Metal Ink Ribbon Post for Benzing£1.99

Ink ribbon posts round or square

Pedigree Cards - Pack of 25

Pedigree Cards - Pack of 25£6.50

A full, well designed 4 generation pedigree sheet printed onto card

Pedigree Certificate Book for Pigeons - 4 Generation

Pedigree Certificate Book for Pigeons - 4 Generation£4.50

Proven popular pad design with 50-pages

Pigeon Carry/Auction/Transport Box

Pigeon Carry/Auction/Transport Box£1.25

Manufactured from strong cardboard with strengthened floor.

Race Results Card

Race Results Card£3.50

Used to send club results to newspapers, RP, BHW etc., for publication.

Race/Bird Entry Sheets A4 size - Loose

Race/Bird Entry Sheets A4 size - Loose£2.35

Race/Bird Entry Sheets A4 size - Loose

Show Rosettes

Show Rosettes£1.99  -  £2.99

All are two-tier, British made, of the finest quality.

STB Ink Ribbon Post

STB Ink Ribbon Post£1.99

Ink ribbon posts round and square. Please note you are not ordering the ink ribbon itself.

Verification Cards - 100 Cards

Verification Cards - 100 Cards£6.00

One for each member, each week, to record his/her clock-in times.


Page 1 of 1:    17 Items
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