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BELGAVET SEIFFERT was founded in 1987 and is the leader manufacture in 100 % natural products for pigeons. Every year fanciers always struggles with young pigeons, stress, competitions and heat. Extreme weather and these circumstances brings a lot of problems with their lofts and lost of young pigeons.
BELGAVET SEIFFERT proposes the most complete range of complementary feed, mineral feed and care products for race pigeons and breeders. You can always ask for tips and tricks for your pigeon loft, pigeons selection, assistance for buying pigeons, also for race and feed schedule for your race pigeons and breeders.

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BelgaVet Eureka + Plus 400g

BelgaVet Eureka + Plus 400g£17.99

A speciality for pigeons rich of proteins.

BelgaVet Eureka 400g

BelgaVet Eureka 400g£9.50

Helps widowhood cocks maintain normal digestion when racing.

BelgaVet Garlic Powder BVP for Pigeons - 400g

BelgaVet Garlic Powder BVP for Pigeons - 400g£8.65

100% pure garlic powder.

BelgaVet Ginseng BVP for Pigeons 150g

BelgaVet Ginseng BVP for Pigeons 150g£16.95

Pure ginseng root powder feed supplement for pigeons & birds.

BelgaVet Inovator Conditioning Powder 200g

BelgaVet Inovator Conditioning Powder 200g£13.20

Water soluble mixture of vitamins and amino acids.

BelgaVet Liquid Minerals 500ml

BelgaVet Liquid Minerals 500ml£10.30

Use when the eggshell quality is poor.

BelgaVet Pomappel (Apple Vinegar)

BelgaVet Pomappel (Apple Vinegar)£6.50  -  £19.95

An excellent source of trace and micro elements.

BelgaVet Premier Wheatgerm Oil 1000ml

BelgaVet Premier Wheatgerm Oil 1000ml£18.99

Special quality Wheatgerm Oil.

BelgaVet Ronidazole 10% for Canker

BelgaVet Ronidazole 10% for Canker£7.95  -  £19.95

Treatment and prevention of Canker - trichomoniasis in pigeons

BelgaVet Sivanol (Sliepsanol)

BelgaVet Sivanol (Sliepsanol)£16.95  -  £39.99

Helps maintain nasal passages in good condition.

BelgaVet Tea B.V.P. 200g

BelgaVet Tea B.V.P. 200g£9.95

A premier quality pigeon tea with 20 plants and herbs.

BelgaVet Total Recovery 250 tablets - PROMOTION

BelgaVet Total Recovery 250 tablets - PROMOTION£21.45   £14.99

Total Recovery - One tablet on return from races or training. "Does exactly what it says on the Tin!"

BelgaVet Twister Oil 500ml

BelgaVet Twister Oil 500ml£11.50

‘Omega 3-6-9’. This product has a high content of Linolacid (65%).

BelgaVet Vegetural (Vegetable Powder)

BelgaVet Vegetural (Vegetable Powder)£5.95  -  £29.95

Fresh vegetables in powder form.

BelgaVet Vivitaline BVP

BelgaVet Vivitaline BVP£11.95  -  £46.95

A Race Booster.

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