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Hyperdrug Aniseed Oil 10ml

Hyperdrug Aniseed Oil 10ml£5.29

Add a few drops of pure oil to the feed and mix well.

Hyperdrug DMG (Pure) 200g

Hyperdrug DMG (Pure) 200g£12.99

100% Pure Veterinary Dimethylglycine

Hyperdrug Duo-Cox Plus

Hyperdrug Duo-Cox Plus£15.99

Combined treatment for both Trichomoniasis and Coccidiosis.

Hyperdrug Easi-Canker Soluble - 10 sachets

Hyperdrug Easi-Canker Soluble - 10 sachets£15.99

Treatment for Trichomoniasis (Canker) in racing pigeons.

Hyperdrug Enteric Drops 250ml

Hyperdrug Enteric Drops 250ml£10.99

Enhanced recovery from wet droppings.

Hyperdrug Frankincense 200g

Hyperdrug Frankincense 200g£9.95

This age-old natural product is now widely used to assist in forming firmer droppings.

Hyperdrug Garlic Honey and Glucose 500ml

Hyperdrug Garlic Honey and Glucose 500ml£10.99

A supplement giving energy and all of the well known properties of garlic.

Hyperdrug MegaCox Coccidiosis Treatment 100ml

Hyperdrug MegaCox Coccidiosis Treatment 100ml£14.99

Treatment for Coccidiosis.

Hyperdrug Moxidectin Wormer 100ml

Hyperdrug Moxidectin Wormer 100ml£15.99

Moxidectin Concentrate Liquid Wormer for pigeons.

Hyperdrug Nasatone 10ml (Snot Drops)

Hyperdrug Nasatone 10ml (Snot Drops)£5.29

For clear nasal passages

Hyperdrug Natural Seaweed 200g

Hyperdrug Natural Seaweed 200g£3.99

A Source of Major and Trace Elements.

Hyperdrug Parrishs Food 250ml

Hyperdrug Parrishs Food 250ml£6.99

The Essential Iron Supplement

Hyperdrug Potassium Permanganate 25g

Hyperdrug Potassium Permanganate 25g£5.29

Traditionally used for its disinfectant and antibacterial properties.

Hyperdrug Respimax 100ml

Hyperdrug Respimax 100ml£14.99

This is a medicine for treatment of respiratory mucus congestion NOT a herbal supplement.

Hyperdrug Tri-Max '3-In-1' - 50 tablets

Hyperdrug Tri-Max '3-In-1' - 50 tablets£22.90

Treats coccidiosis, canker and all worms in racing & show pigeons.

Page 1 of 1:    15 Items
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