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Colombine B-Pure (Brewer's Yeast) 500g

Colombine B-Pure (Brewer's Yeast) 500g£3.95

Top quality dried brewer's yeast enriched with vitamins.

Colombine Bianco Floor White 5kg

Colombine Bianco Floor White 5kg£5.95

The No. 1 floor dressing!

Colombine Mucus Powder 30g

Colombine Mucus Powder 30g£6.95

Promotes the digestion and helps to prevent respiratory problems.

Colombine Seaweed

Colombine Seaweed£4.65

Seaweed minerals provide a complete range of extra substances.

Colombine Tea 300g

Colombine Tea 300g£6.35

Colombine Tea is an optimized herbal tea

Colombine Vita

Colombine Vita£2.55  -  £7.95

Colombine Vita: vitamins, trace elements and minerals in powder form

Ideal Bath Salts 750g

Ideal Bath Salts 750g£7.45

Makes the feathers supple, relaxes the muscles, promotes down moult and removes flakes from the skin

Ideal Block 550g

Ideal Block 550g£1.45  -  £7.95

Minerals and trace elements like calcium, phosphorous, iron, zinc.

Oropharma Tricho Plus

Oropharma Tricho Plus£20.95

Treatment of trichomonosis (canker) and hexamitiasis in pigeons

Versele-Laga All In One

Versele-Laga All In One£10.95  -  £17.95

Colombine All-In-One: the most complete mineral mix.

Versele-Laga Boxed Tobacco Stalks 1.5kg
Versele-Laga Combi-Mix 4kg

Versele-Laga Combi-Mix 4kg£9.85

One total supply in one single preparation.

Versele-Laga Forma Drops 15ml

Versele-Laga Forma Drops 15ml£7.75

Versele Laga Forma Drops are soothing eye drops which are ideal for checking the respiratory tract.

Versele-Laga Garlic Oil 250ml

Versele-Laga Garlic Oil 250ml£6.65

A natural and safe fitness booster for pigeons.

Versele-Laga Glucose With Vitamins 400g

Versele-Laga Glucose With Vitamins 400g£3.96

A natural and safe fitness booster for pigeons.

Versele-Laga Pickstone Pots 650g

Versele-Laga Pickstone Pots 650g£1.45  -  £8.50

Strengthens the pigeon's skeleton and improves the shell quality.

Versele-Laga Redstone 2.5kg

Versele-Laga Redstone 2.5kg£3.95

Washed and sterilized redstone.

Versele-Laga Sneaky Mixture 2.5kg

Versele-Laga Sneaky Mixture 2.5kg£6.20

The finest conditioning & trapping mix for pigeons.

Page 1 of 1:    18 Items
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