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Racing Cocks Without Limits by Lee Fribbins

Racing Cocks Without Limits by Lee Fribbins


In stock, IMMEDIATE DESPATCH unless stated otherwise.  

In stock, IMMEDIATE DESPATCH unless stated otherwise.


Item Code:  BK038

by Lee Fribbins

After a few years following the outstanding racing performances of Lee Fribbins in Club, Federation, Amalgamation and Combine, I had the opportunity to visit his racing loft in Frating, Essex, with the world famous Henk de Weerd. Well, to say I was impressed with what I saw that day is a gross understatement, a small loft with only a few pigeons but the quality was exceptional to say the least.
I handled winner after winner, some with multiple 1st prizes in Club, Federation, Amalgamation and Combine. Many of the pigeons I handled were big winners but had been beaten by loftmates when Lee had multiple pigeons home together. The quality and condition of all the pigeons in the loft was outstanding.
I remember the statement I made that day whilst in the loft and it was as follows, “If I was going to start racing pigeons again, I know where I would come to purchase my pigeons.”
Lee was very flattered by my statement and he asked me why I liked his pigeons so much and all I said to him was the whole family resembled my Dordin family that I had won so much with during my racing career.
During my career in racing pigeons I have literally travelled the world and visited many top fanciers and lofts and had the privilege to handle hundreds of top class winners and breeders but no small racing loft left such an impression on me.
This just goes to show it is all about quality not quantity, small lofts can achieve the impossible and be very competitive at all distances.

Paul Smith, Regency Lofts


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