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Long Distance Without Limits by Lee Fribbins

Long Distance Without Limits by Lee Fribbins


In stock, IMMEDIATE DESPATCH unless stated otherwise.  

In stock, IMMEDIATE DESPATCH unless stated otherwise.


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The Tarbes National Race is undoubtedly one of the finest races in the world.
This is the Blue Riband race that attracts the most sublime of long distance flyers throughout the UK, with many fanciers gearing the whole race season to perform well in.
Here we celebrate the last 10 years of truly exceptional performances.
Featuring the winners and section winners with their own detailed accounts.
We take a deeper look and understand the methods into a selection of the winner's own loft management styles, preferred strains, feed programs and training methods.
This is the race that everyone wants to win.
A revealing and detailed explanatory providing an insight into the finest of fanciers winning the finest of races.
Also including the top 50 results for the races over the last 10 years

The epitome of Distance racing in the United Kingdom for many is the Tarbes/Pau Grand National.
As editor of the Racing Pigeon Weekly and Racing Pigeon Pictorial International, I have been able to get a real insight in to the dedication and commitment of the fanciers that year after year strive to succeed from this race and win 'The Holy Grail'.
It is certainly not for the faint hearted and for those few each year that reach the pinnacle of success awaits a treasure trove of being presented with the biggest haul of silverware that can be won from any race in the Country.
The National Flying Club is steeped in over 100 years of history and proudly holds this most prestigious of premier events at the centre of its racing core.
As you will see from this book, the Grand National is not just a race; it's a way of life. The trials, the tribulations the relentless pursuit of achieving the ultimate success combined with dedication, commitment and some of the finest performances by our pigeon racing athletes in the world makes this the race of all races.
I hope by reading this book you will find it an informative guide with a look at the different loft designs, motivation techniques, training and racing methods as well as the strains of pigeons that are achieving special performances and some of the incredible individual multi performing pigeons.
You will also find detailed feeding and supplement systems that are used to help fuel these birds to fly with vigour for up to fifteen hours a day in warm temperatures, head winds and then the English Channel that awaits before the home straight of a race ranging in distances from 550-750 miles for most.   
You will also meet the incredible characters that master this distance that I can only say have been an privilege to read, interview and write about.
Strap yourselves in and get ready, as over the past decade this race has been a rollercoaster of a ride. It has had its high's and certainly has its lows but as pigeons fanciers we would expect nothing else from this Grand National would we?
Congratulations to all the deserved winners and for those that dare to dream, remember dreams of winning the Grand National from Tarbes/Pau do come true

Lee Fribbins

NEW Hardback Collectors Book; 150 Beautiful Colour Pages

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