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De-Scheemaeker Natural Bath Salts 650g

De-Scheemaeker Natural Bath Salts 650g


In stock at 6am this morning  

In stock at 6am this morning


Item Code:  DES007
Brand:  Natural

Natural Bath Salt is a high quality product aimed at satisfying the most demanding pigeon fancier.

The raw materials used in its production are the same as those used in bath salts for human consumption. There will not be any blue or yellow tingeing, as no chemical colouring is used in its composition and only natural pine extracts are used.

Natural Bath Salt gives a soft, smooth plumage and rids the epidermis of any flakiness (dandruff) without irritating the skin. It tones up and stimulates the organism when administered in a cold bath. However, it relaxes the muscles and accelerates the recovery process at the return of races if the bath is warm. It is thus the ideal product for pigeon fanciers used to giving their pigeons a warm bath when they return from races. Its natural disinfecting action provides a good body hygiene and rids the plumage of vermin.

We therefore recommend you add Natural Bath Salt to the bath water once or twice a month during moulting as it is important for the growth of new feathers not being disturbed by parasites. This is particularly important during the moulting period as the tonic effect of the Natural Bath Salt stimulates blood circulation and helps the moulting of the down-feathers. Natural Bath Salt efficiently contributes to the health of the new plumage.

During the racing season, the regular use of Natural Bath Salt will keep the feathers glossy and smooth. At their return from a difficult race we recommend you add the contents of half a lid of Natural Bath Salt to a bucket filled with warm water and immerse the pigeons one by one for one minute while lightly massaging their pectoral muscles.

One capful of Natural Bath Salt for 20 litres of bathing water.

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