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'Silent' Metal Whistle

'Silent' Metal Whistle£4.99

Small metal 'silent' whistle

Aluminium Feed Scoop

Aluminium Feed Scoop£3.50  -  £7.95

Top Quality, Lightweight Aluminium Scoop in various sizes.

Bali Bell (Double Barrel) Hawk deterrent

Bali Bell (Double Barrel) Hawk deterrent£14.99

Bamboo tail whistle for deterring birds of prey

Basket Strap with Metal Buckle

Basket Strap with Metal Buckle£1.99  -  £2.50

Basket strap suitable for all wicker pigeon baskets

Bottle of Ink

Bottle of Ink£4.95

Ink for refilling wing stamp pad for pigeons.

Classic Mouse Trap - Pack of 2

Classic Mouse Trap - Pack of 2£1.75

Spring-action wooden mouse trap with metal trigger

Digital Spoon Scale

Digital Spoon Scale£13.99  -  £17.99

Ensures precise dosing of any medicine or supplement

Drinker Heater / Warmer for most Water Drinkers

Drinker Heater / Warmer for most Water Drinkers£29.95

To avoid frozen drinkers up to -30˚c

E-Z Pigeon Leg Ring Tool for ETS & Clip Rings

E-Z Pigeon Leg Ring Tool for ETS & Clip Rings£8.35

Putting on ETS rings can be a difficult job to do alone. From now on it's a one person job!

Economy Thermometer

Economy Thermometer£3.75   £2.75

Both Fahrenheit and Centigrade markings.

Egg Tester Torch

Egg Tester Torch£6.99

It helps you to see the contents in eggs and you can check whether the eggs are developing properly.

ETS Leg Ring Remover

ETS Leg Ring Remover£8.99

ETS Leg Ring Remover

Feeder for Pigeon Youngsters/Babies

Feeder for Pigeon Youngsters/Babies£5.99

Feeder for Pigeon Youngsters/Babies

Hardwood Rat Trap 175mm

Hardwood Rat Trap 175mm£2.95

Spring-action wooden rat trap with metal trigger

Hasp & Staple Heavy Duty£5.50  -  £8.95

Corrosion-resistant steel plate with hammer finish.

Hessian Cloth - Per Metre

Hessian Cloth - Per Metre£6.50

Ideal for relining wicker baskets

Loft Entry ''Jade'' Complete with Bob Wires
Minimum / Maximum Thermometer - Special Purchase

Minimum / Maximum Thermometer - Special Purchase£7.99   £4.99

Minimum and maximum temperatures over chosen period of time

Nestbox Galley Pot Feeder Shoot

Nestbox Galley Pot Feeder Shoot£1.99

The easy, no fuss way, to refill nestboxes.

Pigeon Carry/Auction/Transport Box

Pigeon Carry/Auction/Transport Box£1.50

Manufactured from strong cardboard with strengthened floor.

Pigeon Holder ''Ashley'' for Medication & Injury

Pigeon Holder "Ashley" for Medication & Injury£6.99

Great for keeping parents with the youngsters in time of injury or illness, pigeon vaccination, applying medicine and feed supplements.

Pigeon Leg Ring Holder ''Julia''

Pigeon Leg Ring Holder "Julia"£5.75

Holds approx 60 RPRA size rings.

Pigeon Leg Splints ''Ruby'' - Pack of 2
Pigeon Ring Holder

Pigeon Ring Holder£6.75

New ring holder - keep all your rings together

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Page 1 of 2:    42 Items
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