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Deluxe Drinker Warmer - Raised Platform 8'' diameter

Deluxe Drinker Warmer - Raised Platform 8" diameter£19.99

Special design for silo drinkers

Deluxe Drinker Warmer 240v - Flat Platform (UK Adaptor)

Deluxe Drinker Warmer 240v - Flat Platform (UK Adaptor)£22.95  -  £29.95

Makes those miserably cold frosty mornings just a little more bearable!

Digital Thermometer/Humidity Hygrometer

Digital Thermometer/Humidity Hygrometer£4.95

Large Humidity % Display with Temperature Display in top corner.

Drinker Heater for most Drinkers

Drinker Heater for most Drinkers£26.99  -  £34.99

To avoid frozen drinkers up to -30˚c

Economy Thermometer

Economy Thermometer£2.95   £1.99

Both Fahrenheit and Centigrade markings.

Flettner TCX-2 Ventilator

Flettner TCX-2 Ventilator£89.99

Wind Powered Rotary Ventilator

Minimum / Maximum Thermometer - Special Purchase

Minimum / Maximum Thermometer - Special Purchase£7.99   £4.75

Minimum and maximum temperatures over chosen period of time

Plastic Loft Louvre

Plastic Loft Louvre£7.95

Well-made plastic loft louvre for ventilation.

Square Economy Thermometer - SPECIAL PURCHASE

Square Economy Thermometer - SPECIAL PURCHASE£1.50

Indoor/Outdoor Stick-On Thermometer

Thermometer Round - Stick-on

Thermometer Round - Stick-on£5.95

Easy-to-read dial thermometer


Page 1 of 1:    10 Items
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