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Nest Grills

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Deluxe Nestbox Floor Grill 15'' x 15''

Deluxe Nestbox Floor Grill 15" x 15"£4.99   £3.65

Eight adjustable snap-on legs give support where needed and make sure that the grill stays at a height of 20mm.

Hen Box Grill 15'' x 12.75''

Hen Box Grill 15" x 12.75"£3.25

Used in all Boddy and Ridewood manufactured wooden hen boxes.

Nestbox Grill 36cm x 34cm (EU Manufactured)

Nestbox Grill 36cm x 34cm (EU Manufactured)£1.85   £1.15

Plastic grid designed to allow as much droppings as possible to fall through.

Nestbox Grill Large 16'' x 14''

Nestbox Grill Large 16" x 14"£1.25

Large grill 16" x 14"

Nestbox Grill Medium 14'' x 13''
Nestbox Grill Small 10'' x 10''

Nestbox Grill Small 10" x 10"£1.49

Ideal for standing nestbowl, feeders or fitting into box perches.

Pearl (Perch) Grill 9.25'' x 8.5''

Pearl (Perch) Grill 9.25" x 8.5"£2.95

Special size grill suitable for those building their own perches.

Regal (PIPO Box) Grill 19.5'' x 8.5''

Regal (PIPO Box) Grill 19.5" x 8.5"£3.95

Special size grill suitable for those making PIPO YB motivation boxes/perches.


Page 1 of 1:    8 Items
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