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Nestbox Cups

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Belgian Made Duiven Cup and Anti-Spill Lid

Belgian Made Duiven Cup and Anti-Spill Lid£0.20  -  £0.49

D Cup feed/water with replaceable wire that can be bent as required.

Belgica Anti-Spill Nestbox Cup/Lid

Belgica Anti-Spill Nestbox Cup/Lid£0.20  -  £0.65

Belgian-made, heavy duty, quality nest box cups with metal hangers  (bend to requirement).

Blue Plastic Basket Trough with Wire Hangers

Blue Plastic Basket Trough with Wire Hangers£2.25

14" (350mm) plastic basket trough.

Carol Nestbox Cup

Carol Nestbox Cup£0.65

New Improved Deluxe version - heavier duty than the original.

Earthernware Galley Pots

Earthernware Galley Pots£1.45  -  £1.65

Quality Glazed Earthenware Pots

Ex Small Plastic Nestbox/Showpen D-Cup

Ex Small Plastic Nestbox/Showpen D-Cup£0.65

Ex-Small plastic D-Cup for nestbox


Feed/Water Pot Cover

Feed/Water Pot Cover£2.50

Attach to wall above any feed/water pots to help keep contents clean.

Feeder/Drinker ''No 1'' Large 'D' Cup with Wire Hooks 300ml
Feeder/Drinker ''No 2'' with Wire Hooks 800ml

Feeder/Drinker "No 2" with Wire Hooks 800ml£1.95

Feeder / drinker holds 800ml

Feeder/Drinker ''No 3'' with Wire Hooks 1400ml

Feeder/Drinker "No 3" with Wire Hooks 1400ml£2.65

Feeder / drinker holds 1400ml

Filey Premier Nestbox Cup

Filey Premier Nestbox Cup£0.99

New Deluxe version with aluminium hangers

Large 'D' Cup (Heavyweight)

Large 'D' Cup (Heavyweight)£1.15

Strong, heavyweight large 'D' Cup

Large 'D' Cup for hanging on Wire Fronts

Large 'D' Cup for hanging on Wire Fronts£0.75

Large 'D' Cup for metal fronts

Milano Feeder/Water/Mineral Mini Hopper

Milano Feeder/Water/Mineral Mini Hopper£6.00  -  £8.50

New Feeding Mini Hopper for nestbox, basket, crate, corridor etc.

Nestbox Cup Water Jug with Flexible Spout

Nestbox Cup Water Jug with Flexible Spout£3.65

Great for refilling nestbox cups in difficult places.

Paul Galley Pot (Heavyweight)

Paul Galley Pot (Heavyweight)£0.99

Strong, heavyweight plastic galley pot.
Plastic Nestbox Cup  / Crate Trough 21cm

Plastic Nestbox Cup / Crate Trough 21cm£1.30

Water / Feed trough for nestboxes or training crate etc

Plastic Nestbox D-Cup 11cm - Large

Plastic Nestbox D-Cup 11cm - Large£0.59

Plastic D-Cup for nestbox and widowhood fronts


Plastic Nestbox D-Cup 9.5cm - Small

Plastic Nestbox D-Cup 9.5cm - Small£0.49

Small plastic D-Cup for nestbox


Premier Round 'Bristol' Nestbox Cup

Premier Round 'Bristol' Nestbox Cup£0.80

New Deluxe version designed to fit securely to plastic widowhood fronts

Self Standing Margaret Pot

Self Standing Margaret Pot£0.85

Top quality single galley pot.

Showpen/Metal Front Nestbox Cup

Showpen/Metal Front Nestbox Cup£0.40

Designed to attach to showpen wires or metal widowhood fronts.

Small Budds Two Wire Hook Drinkers£0.44

Small plastic two stainless steel wire hook drinkers.

The Hull Trough

The Hull Trough£2.65   £1.99

Perfect for corridor drinkers, feeders, mineral boxes etc.

Page 1 of 1:    24 Items
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