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Colombine All-In-One£12.25  -  £19.99

Mixture of minerals, vitamins, grit etc

Colombine Ideal Bloc (Clay Cake) - Shop Sales Only

Colombine Ideal Bloc (Clay Cake) - Shop Sales Only£1.95

Minerals and trace elements like calcium, phosphorous, iron, zinc.

Colombine Redstone Grit 2.5kg

Colombine Redstone Grit 2.5kg£2.95

Washed and sterilized redstone.

Colombine Seaweed 2.5kg

Colombine Seaweed 2.5kg£4.95

Seaweed minerals provide a complete range of extra substances.

Colombine Vita

Colombine Vita£2.95  -  £8.95

Colombine Vita: vitamins, trace elements and minerals in powder form

Oropharma Colombine Tea 300g

Oropharma Colombine Tea 300g£7.50

Colombine Tea is an optimized herbal tea

Oropharma Ferti-Oil (ED3A) 100ml

Oropharma Ferti-Oil (ED3A) 100ml£8.70  -  £14.40

Wheat germ oil enriched with vitamins A, D3 and E (fertility vitamin).

Oropharma Form-Mix Plus 350g£13.50

Conditioning powder with vitamins, amino-acids and trace elements.

Oropharma Form-Oil Plus 500ml£14.30

'10 in 1' Oil mix with Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids.

Oropharma Mucus Powder 30g

Oropharma Mucus Powder 30g£7.45

Promotes the digestion and helps to prevent respiratory problems.


Page 1 of 1:    10 Items
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