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Beyers of Belgium

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Beyers Fino Bath Salts 660g

Beyers Fino Bath Salts 660g£5.95

To stimulate smooth and parasite-free feathers.

Beyers Garlic Juice 400ml

Beyers Garlic Juice 400ml£9.85   £7.85

Concentrated garlic juice in a dextrose solution.
Beyers Garlic Oil 400ml

Beyers Garlic Oil 400ml£11.15

Garlic oil for adding to grain mixture
Beyers Gluco Sport 450g

Beyers Gluco Sport 450g£14.99

Vitamin Mix with slow and fast sugar for an energy boost.

Beyers Herba (Puri-T) Pigeon Tea 400ml

Beyers Herba (Puri-T) Pigeon Tea 400ml£15.95

Ensures a strong recuperation subsequent to illness and exhausting flights

Beyers Royal Jelly 400ml

Beyers Royal Jelly 400ml£19.95

A biological herb tonic with Propolis and Ginseng
Beyers Thermae Bathsalts 750g

Beyers Thermae Bathsalts 750g£12.50

The essential oils have an anti-bacterial effect


Page 1 of 1:    7 Items
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