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Beyers of Belgium

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Beyers Belvimin

Beyers Belvimin£15.90

Contains important building materials, vitamins (A, D3, B1, B2,E,PP and B12) and minerals

Beyers Condition 600g

Beyers Condition 600g£26.50

To keep your pigeons in top condition throughout the year.

Beyers Deli Multimix 5kg

Beyers Deli Multimix 5kg£19.95

Rich in vitamins, minerals, and oligo elements.

Beyers Elektrolyt 500g

Beyers Elektrolyt 500g£16.60

The electrolytes stimulate the pigeonís recovery after the race.

Beyers Energy Oil 400ml

Beyers Energy Oil 400ml£21.30

Provide your pigeons with extra energy in the form of unsaturated fatty acids.

Beyers Gluco Sport 450g

Beyers Gluco Sport 450g£13.99

Vitamin Mix with slow and fast sugar for an energy boost.

Beyers Recovery 600g

Beyers Recovery 600g£24.90

Recovery Plus is a protein preparation designed to help your pigeons recover quickly after a race.


Page 1 of 1:    7 Items
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