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Herbovet (Raf Herbots)

Fascinated by the pigeon sport which is already practiced during decades in the Herbots family I've specialized myself, as a veterinarian, in the health and condition of pigeons. I obtained my diploma of veterinarian in 1994 at the University of Ghent.
My grandfathers, on both sides, were avid pigeon fanciers. They passed on the genes to their children and my parents and uncles gave it to me, my brother and my sister.
I’ve always shown a lot of interest in pigeons and I was able to experiment with my gained knowledge within my own family. That way, I managed to turn my practice into one of the best in the field of diagnosis. Many top lofts found their way to my practice. Moreover with satisfaction and with the consequence that many ace pigeons, Olympiad pigeons and national winners saw the light of life under my supervision. I currently guide 80% of the top ones in Belgium. As a basis of a proper medical guidance, I always assumed that a pigeon needs to be 100% healthy. That’s my first aim. From there, I work with different schedules for the construction of the condition to the flight and for a quick recovery. What is very important!
Since 2012 my son Kobe also plays successfully with the youngsters. Thanks to this loft I had the opportunity to test several new products. I took my time and I strictly selected and tested the products. So I brought on the market high-quality and carefully selected products that have indeed proven their effectiveness.
Raf Herbots

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HerboVet Herbial 1000ml

HerboVet Herbial 1000ml£23.40

Helps moult down feathers.

HerboVet Herbo MMK

HerboVet Herbo MMK£26.00

A great product to prevent muscle cramps during and after the flight.

HerboVet Herbochol Plus 1000ml

HerboVet Herbochol Plus 1000ml£24.80

Helps the digestive system, detoxifies and provides support to the liver and kidney.

HerboVet Herbosol 1000ml

HerboVet Herbosol 1000ml£29.54

All the essential amino acids, B vitamins and electrolytes.

HerboVet Recovery Plus 500ml

HerboVet Recovery Plus 500ml£22.45

Well balanced electrolytes mixture.

HerboVet Tarsin 300g

HerboVet Tarsin 300g£23.65

Tarsin is an all-round TOP product.

Page 1 of 1:    6 Items
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