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Medical First Aid Equipment

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Deluxe Padded Pigeon Leg Splint

Deluxe Padded Pigeon Leg Splint£12.50

Deluxe Pigeon Leg Splint for Injury.

Egg Tester Torch

Egg Tester Torch£6.99

It helps you to see the contents in eggs and you can check whether the eggs are developing properly.

Feeder for Pigeon Youngsters/Babies

Feeder for Pigeon Youngsters/Babies£5.99

Feeder for Pigeon Youngsters/Babies

Feeding Spoon with Syringe Kit

Feeding Spoon with Syringe Kit£8.99

Baby / Sick Bird Manual Feeding Syringe Set

Pigeon Holder ''Ashley'' for Medication & Injury

Pigeon Holder "Ashley" for Medication & Injury£6.99

Great for keeping parents with the youngsters in time of injury or illness, pigeon vaccination, applying medicine and feed supplements.

Pigeon Leg Splints ''Ruby'' - Pack of 2
Pigeon Leg Splints (Belgian) - Packet of 2

Pigeon Leg Splints (Belgian) - Packet of 2£6.99

The device that solves problems of leg fractures in pigeons.

Ring Cutters ''Brooklyn''

Ring Cutters "Brooklyn"£6.95

Ring remover cutter for old or unwanted rings.


Page 1 of 1:    8 Items
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