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Colombine Boxed Tobacco Stalks 1.5kg
Colombine Sneaky Mixture 2.5kg

Colombine Sneaky Mixture 2.5kg£6.35

The finest conditioning & trapping mix for pigeons.

Oropharma Avicas Wormer 40 tablets

Oropharma Avicas Wormer 40 tablets£17.50

Prevention and treatment of worm infestations in pigeons

Oropharma Digestal 300g

Oropharma Digestal 300g£12.65

Intestinal conditioner for racing pigeons

Oropharma Ideal Bath Salts 1kg

Oropharma Ideal Bath Salts 1kg£7.65

Makes the feathers supple, relaxes the muscles, promotes down moult and removes flakes from the skin


Page 1 of 1:    5 Items
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