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Comed Allium Premier Garlic Oil Enriched

Comed Allium Premier Garlic Oil Enriched£11.50

Comed enriched garlic oil

Comed Bathsalts 750g

Comed Bathsalts 750g£10.50

Bath Salt is the ideal care product for the feathers of your pigeons.

Comed Comedol 250ml

Comed Comedol 250ml£15.95

Contributes to increased energy production.

Comed Cometose - Pro & Pre-Biotic

Comed Cometose - Pro & Pre-Biotic£23.50  -  £70.00

To be used in case of flat droppings.

Comed Comin-Cholin B Complex (Sedochol)

Comed Comin-Cholin B Complex (Sedochol)£9.50  -  £145.00

Solution of amino acids, electrolytes, vitamins, methionine and choline.

Comed Curol Health Oil 250ml

Comed Curol Health Oil 250ml£18.00

To be used in case of short-term stress due to the learning process and social disturbances

Comed Enercom 150g

Comed Enercom 150g£13.65

To meet increased nutritional needs during periods of intense exercise.

Comed Fertibol - For Breeding

Comed Fertibol - For Breeding£20.00  -  £160.00

A suspension based on calcium, phosphorus and vitamins A, D and E.

Comed Hemoglobal 250g

Comed Hemoglobal 250g£27.25

Provides the pigeon with extra iron.

Comed Lisocur 30ml

Comed Lisocur 30ml£18.00

Care product for the eyes, the nictitating membrane and the nostrils of the pigeons.

Comed Lisocur Loftspray 400ml

Comed Lisocur Loftspray 400ml£21.00

Bath Salt is the ideal care product for the feathers of your pigeons.

Comed Lisocur+

Comed Lisocur+£11.50  -  £35.00

Open respiratory tract - Clean heads - Intestine

Comed Load Capsules - 100caps

Comed Load Capsules - 100caps£24.50

Supplies pigeons with energy

Comed Miobol 1kg

Comed Miobol 1kg£39.95

To support flight performance and to recover quickly after a flight.

Comed Nasocur 30ml

Comed Nasocur 30ml£14.95

Nasal Drops

Comed Roni - YB Sickness & Cure

Comed Roni - YB Sickness & Cure£15.00  -  £85.00

Probiotic germs produce acid that plays an important role in the defense against diseases.

Comed Stopmite

Comed Stopmite£11.00  -  £25.00

Ensures healthy plumage and plays a role in maintaining good health.

Comed Tempo 60 - 32 Elements

Comed Tempo 60 - 32 Elements£25.00  -  £70.00

Contains 32 substances that a pigeon needs on a daily basis, such as proteins, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, etc.

Comed Wheatgerm Oil Enriched

Comed Wheatgerm Oil Enriched£15.50

Wheat germ oil is a quality oil from Comed

Comed Winmix - Conditioner

Comed Winmix - Conditioner£22.50  -  £65.00

Contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids and electrolytes essential for development.


Page 1 of 1:    20 Items
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