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Beyers Brewer's Yeast 600g

Beyers Brewer's Yeast 600g


In stock, IMMEDIATE DESPATCH unless stated otherwise.  

In stock, IMMEDIATE DESPATCH unless stated otherwise.


Item Code:  BEY014
Brand:  Beyers


  • Rich in proteins (crude protein 48%), amino acids and vitamins.
  • To be used to get your pigeons up to the right level of fitness, for a healthy plumage and good bone structure.
  • Helps to strengthen the natural resistance, whilst also stimulating the appetite and digestion.


  • 20 gr / 1 kg feed.
  • Throughout the entire year: 1 or 2 x per week, moistenend with Amin-Vita, Garlic Oil, Garlic Juice or Royal Jelly.
  • During racing season: preferably at the start of the week.
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