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Carr's Turbo Boost (Hemp Oil) for Pigeons

Carr's Turbo Boost (Hemp Oil) for Pigeons



In stock, IMMEDIATE DESPATCH unless stated otherwise.  

In stock, IMMEDIATE DESPATCH unless stated otherwise.

Item Code:  CAR011

Turbo Boost is pure hemp oil that has been cold pressed - which means that nothing is added and nothing is taken away.

Add vigour to your racing pigeons with this product, even when in training, and give your sluggish birds a boost.

Turbo Boost contains Omega oils 3, 6 and 9, which are essential for cell renewal when birds become fatigued and 'raced out'.

During racing the cells in the muscles can deteriorate, Turbo Boost can help to slow this process down.

Turbo Boost can also be used when the birds are moulting to help push out feathers, and to encourage the moult when used in the 'darkness system'.

If you combine this product with Ad-Herb Original it will help improve the feather quality and the moulting process in your birds.

As with Ad-Herb Original, Turbo Boost is highly recommended by G.W.Kirkland 10 times national winner.

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